• Yoga Retreats


    Ambika Devi Daniella's Yoga Retreats are uplifting, educational and transformational. They are held across the globe in beautiful and tropical places as well as sacred sites.  They are an immersive experience into the culture, the land, the local people, as well as a wonderful way to take pause from the busyness of your everyday life, experience something new and deepen your existing practice.

    She takes great care in choosing the most beautiful and inspiring places on the planet and the most masterful and talented people with whom to collaborate. On retreat with Ambika Devi Daniella, we celebrate life and the beauty of this world and the art of modern yogic living.

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  • Teacher Trainings

    Ambika Devi Daniella runs 200 Hour Teacher Trainings that are Yoga Alliance certified every year in the South Bay of Northern California. They are divided in two parts, each 6 months long, meeting one weekend per month. She also offers 200 Hour Teacher Trainings internationally as a month long intensive making it a teacher training built into a retreat and total immersion of the teachings.

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  • Yoga Workshops


    Ambika Devi Daniella's yoga workshops are grounded yet playful, educational and inspiring. She collaborates with live musicians, sound healers and teachers who offer complementary modalities to yoga making her workshops one of a kind. She leads workshops in Los Gatos, California, at Spring and Summer Festivals as well as internationally. If you would like to book her in your area, please email through the contacts page of this website.

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