Your Body Is A Temple.

Listen to Your Intuitive Voice.

Head To Heart 200hr Teacher Training

Starts September 29th 2017!

Community Of The Heart

Welcome to Body Temple Yoga™ School

Body Temple Yoga™ is a practice developed by ERYT-500 senior yoga instructor of 15 years, Daniella Ambika Cotreau.

It is Hatha Yoga infused with internal alignment and Heart Wisdom Teachings™. Daniella’s unique approach to alignment directs the flow of energy back to the Heart as a means to open the Heart and live from it. You improve your body posture and the way you carry yourself to have a healthier body and more energy and you reclaim connection to your Heart because that’s where the energy will flow from the internal alignment applied to each posture.


Daniella’s Retreats are uplifting, educational and transformational. Held across the globe in beautiful and tropical places as well as sacred sites, they are an immersive experience into the culture, the land, the local people, as well as a wonderful way to take pause from everyday life.

Teacher Trainings

Daniella runs multiple Teacher Trainings and Certification Programs every year in San Jose and San Diego, California. She also offers Mentorship Programs for her graduates as well as an Advanced Apprenticeship Program to become certified to teach Body Temple Yoga™.

Workshops & Events

Daniella Ambika’s workshops and live events bring innovation, inspiration, integrity and a sense of humor. She collaborates with live musicians, sound healers and leaders who offer complementary modalities making her events unforgettable.

Heart Wisdom Mentorship Program

Heart Wisdom Mentorship is a private one-on-one virtual program with Daniella’s heart-wisdom teachings to understand and activate the wisdom of the Heart into your life so that you are fulfilled, connected and living your heart path.