Body Temple Yoga ™ School

Body Temple Yoga ™ School was founded in 2012 and is directed by Daniella Ambika Cotreau. It is dedicated to spreading the consciousness of the Heart, uplifting humanity and empowerment through higher and practical yogic education.

Daniella, along with her incredible team, expert guest teachers, brings the ancient teachings of yoga, Heart Wisdom Teachings™ and loads of new knowledge and insight for a well-rounded life education while simultaneously building community.

Daniella’s teacher trainings have been running with great success since the beginning and have become largely well known in the Bay Area. They are life changing, Heart Opening and deeply transformative experiences that provide a unique education model and personal growth opportunity.

Body Temple Yoga™ School offers regular 200 hour and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs in San Jose and is currently building out the programs in San Diego, CA. as well. The BTY Ambassador Program is a Master Advanced Program to become certified to teach Body Temple Yoga™.

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