Body Temple Yoga™  is a practice developed by ERYT-500 senior yoga instructor of 15 years, Daniella Ambika Cotreau.

It is Hatha Yoga infused with internal alignment and Heart Wisdom Teachings™. Daniella’s unique approach to alignment directs the flow of energy back to the Heart as a means to open the Heart and live from it. You improve your body posture and the way you carry yourself to have a healthier body and more energy and you reclaim connection to your Heart because that’s where the energy will flow from the internal alignment applied to each posture.

Each practice includes conscious fluid movements, Heart-breathing practices, hands-on adjustments and demonstrations of poses with succinct and clear explanations.

She shares the connection between the spiritual, universal and physical aspects of the practice and how each teaching directly ties back to life. She inspires self reflection and awareness of the heart so that you leave with practical tools to apply to your life.

Daniella also adds her singing voice with Harmonium playing to open and close each session.

She holds a space that empowers each student to remember that their Heart is their greatest teacher (Inner Guru) and their Body a great Temple to guide them straight to their Heart to know their divine uniqueness and truth.

“Through the Body Temple Yoga™ practice, we align our bodies with the consciousness of our Hearts. We clear what stands in the way of  knowing and expressing our true selves.
And through that opening, live the life we are here to live.”
~Daniella Ambika Cotreau



Om Hrim Namah Shivaya
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha

OM – radical affirmation of the whole of reality.

HRIM – the humbling experience of one’s own Heart as containing the seed of the whole universe.

NamaḥŚivāya – Reverence to the Divine, defined as unbounded Consciousness reposing in the innate bliss of Self-awareness.

Tasmai Śrīgurave namaḥ – to that auspicious, bountiful, beautiful, and radiant Consciousness that manifests as the Teacher, reverence!


" I love, love, loved every second I spent..."

Just wanted to say how much I love, love, loved every second I spent in her awesome Body Temple Yoga class. I truly consider it a privilege to have met and practiced with such an inspirational instructor. Wish I could tell you all the awesome things I discovered in her class but it would be a book, so I will tell you this; By encouraging me to open up from the inside, I was able to let go and open up in other facets of my life and practice, in doing so I am able to catch a glimpse of my authentic self and the courage to follow my heart.

For this and many other things like my pecs and delts (lol),
I thank you, Daniella Cotreau.


Douglas Renteria
San Jose, Ca.