About Daniella Ambika Cotreau

At the age of 5 years old, Daniella had an intuitive knowing that Love and the power of the Heart was far more than what we were being taught or shown. From a very young age, this deep curiosity lead her to put out a request to know more. Since that fateful day, her life has been countless answers to that inquiry.

Now, 4 decades later, she has a stories to tell and wisdom of the Heart to teach. She stands for her students/mentees feeling connected to themselves, happy, fulfilled and thriving at living from the Heart in their lives.

Daniella Ambika Cotreau is a Heart Wisdom Teacher, an intuitive medium, ERYT-500 senior yoga instructor of 15 years, the founder and CEO of Body Temple Yoga™ School and the practice of Body Temple Yoga™.

She bring years of practice, expertise and wisdom to her students. She navigates from a passionate clarity that sees the Body as a Temple of the Heart, inner guidance, healing, evolution and connection.

She teaches how you can use the body’s innate intelligence and intuitive wisdom to thrive in a life completely aligned with your true heart path.

She takes a stand for you and each student’s success in making the transition from living from the head to living from your heart.

She leads specialized Heart Wisdom 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, Heart Wisdom Trainings, workshops and Retreats both in San Diego, CA. and San Jose, California.

She is currently working on her first book.

Daniella’s training and professional background:

Daniella’s first foundational teacher training was in 2003 in the 8 Limbs Ashtanga lineage at Mount Madonna Center, the Northern California Ashram of Baba Hari Dass and is when Body Temple Yoga™ was born.

She traveled, taught and studied in Thailand, Bali, India and Costa Rica having explored different branches of yoga which have included Kundalini, Bikram, Hatha, and Iyengar.

In these former years, the Heart Wisdom that she had gathered over so many years found an outlet to be brought into the world and her classes were infused with them from the start.

She then connected with Anusara yoga and studied vigorously for 6 years with numerous immersions and teacher trainings with Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh and Noah Maze.
She became certified in Anusara-Inspired Yoga in the winter of 2008.
Her background in yoga philosophy include studies with Tantra scholars Christopher Wallis, Douglas Brooks (Rajanaka Yoga), and Christopher Tompkins.


Her meditation background includes studies with Paul Muller-Ortega with whom she received Neelakantha Meditation Initiation in May of 2010.

In 2012, she founded The Body Temple Yoga School™, a school dedicated to raising the consciousness of the Heart. It has been and continues to be a successful and ever-evolving platform for uplifting and empowering humanity to live from the Heart.

"...very peaceful and comforting..."

As a new male student, a little out of shape and having past injuries and weak areas I was a little leary, wondering what the experience would be like. However, I was greeted by Daniella with warmth and made to feel very welcome. I was quite surprised at the almost instant physical results. I think more pleasantly surprised with the mental and spiritual aspects that Daniella brought to the class. Even though I could not do all the poses, Daniella helped me by giving me alternatives and encouragement. The results were almost instantaneous. For years, I have experienced pain in my lower back. The morning after doing yoga with Daniella I could feel a greater range of motion and noticed my lower back released and the pain disappeared. Through this, I have a new appreciation for the physical aspect of Yoga.

I think what stuck out most for me was Daniella’s personal contribution. One instantly obvious to me, was her voice. It’s very peaceful and comforting to hear. The tone and rhythm of her teaching direction were peaceful and encouraging.

Another aspect that Daniella brought to my first yoga experience was that she emphasizes being spiritually in tune with your body: To breathe with your heart, chest and then throughout your whole body. To be in the moment and present with what you are doing and feeling. Then she took it a step further and included a way to deal with the feelings related to what you have going on in your life. Instead of asking you to discard them or not to think about them, she actually encouraged you to except those things into your heart and make peace with them. Building a kind of spiritual strength to use and grow. This was a new approach for me and one I thought was really great. Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to going back again and again. I would highly recommend Yoga and Daniella to everyone. Take her class and I believe it would truly be a beneficial experience.

Thank you Daniella!

Jim Meech

Los Gatos, Ca.