Energy Work

with Daniella Ambika Cotreau

Daniella has been offering her Intuitive Energy Work for 16 years.

  • Sessions are approximately 1 hour long.
  • Distance and in person sessions available.

Please email: [email protected] to schedule


“Several weeks ago, Daniella blessed me with an amazing healing experience. Having energy work done by Daniella was extraordinary in so many ways. I have had Reiki done in the past but never experienced what I had experienced with Daniella. It was an extremely powerful experience beyond words. She truly helped ground my energy and healed me on so many levels, it was beyond just a Reiki experience. I particularly hold most of my anxiety in the area between my solar plexus and my heart, and Daniella knew exactly where that was without me saying one word. Being the highly intuitive being that Daniella is, she knew exactly that was where the most work needed to be done and was called to that area over and over. During my experience, I saw many powerful colors and could literally feel her powerful energy running through me and healing me, it felt like a fire was inside me burning out all of the negative energy and filling me with positive light. When the session was finished, Daniella shared all of her insights with me and held a very loving space for me to share my experience.I felt a huge shift in my energy after my healing session. I like to describe it as, I at last felt “at home.” It was like all my nervous energy became quite and still. When I opened my eyes the whole world looked brighter. That night, I came home and began to paint the colors I had seen during my session. Though painting is something I love, I have not been able to tap into that type of creative energy in a while. For some reason, I felt as if that energy and power were once again lit within me after her energy session. It was like my nervous energy had been transformed into productive creative energy. Weeks following my healing session, I have seen a drastic change in how calm grounded and productive I feel. Prior to the Energy Work session, I felt as if I was afraid to move forward with my life (Daniella told me she felt this as she was working with me) and now I feel as I am making decisions to move forward with my life with ease and without fear. Being in this woman’s presence is truly a gift, having Energy Work done from her was such a beautiful blessing. As I said earlier, it was so much more than Reiki, it was a healing, an intuitive reading, a time and space for me to transform and grow. All given by a soul so beautiful and a soul we are truly blessed to have on this earth in this lifetime.”

Makenzie W.

San Jose, CA.

“After visiting over a dozen other healers, I learned that spiritual evolution and moral integrity are not one and the same. Daniella, however, is that rare, evolved soul with both saintly compassion as well as a highly developed ability to heal. Her uncanny gift is an order of magnitude above most others I’ve seen in the field. The energy is powerfully felt as she works, whether in person or at a distance, and the results are incontrovertible. Before my most recent session, my throat would feel constricted for reasons I couldn’t explain. The same-day results of a far greater ease of expression, release of tension, easier sleep, and generally improved wellness couldn’t be denied. I go to every new healer with the appropriate skepticism, but Daniella is the realest deal: She’s a powerful healer, and rarer still, a spiritual adept that genuinely cares for you.”

Adam P.

San Jose, CA.

“As a yoga student of Daniella’s, I have come to realize what a very gifted, caring and intuitive person she is and I trust her implicitly. I decided to book a Reiki session with her as I was having problems with a severe skin rash that appeared to be untreatable and more importantly, knew that I was carrying a heavy burden of grief from the death of parent some 11 years ago and had never really found a way of processing or expressing this.

Prior to the session Daniella was very professional, she asked me about some of the issues that I was experiencing and explained clearly what would happen during the session itself – that I might experience changes in temperature (hot and cold) from her hands and that she would be quiet and focused. She made sure that I was lying down in a comfortable position and was relaxed.

As the session progressed I could feel Daniella’s energy particularly around the area of my heart – the heat from her hands was just incredible at times. I experienced an amazing sense of peace and calm – unlike any other. I felt so nurtured and loved and was able to release some of the grief I was experiencing and for the first time it felt safe to do so.

After the session Daniella gave me some very practical ways that I could work with, express and let go of this deep pool of grief. We chatted afterwards and she gave me plenty of time to process and ground myself again. I drove home afterwards and was able to go to bed and relax – a lot of agitation and restlessness had just disappeared.

Since the session I have been much calmer and, after invoking the strategies we discussed, the grief has begun to slowly drain away. Interestingly I feel a sense of closeness to the person I lost too – rather than trying to shut them out to avoid the feelings of grief. The skin rash is subsiding and is not flaring in the way it was prior to the session and I will definitely be arranging more in the future.

I cannot thank Daniella enough for her love, caring and powerful energy – she truly is a very special person with an ability to heal that is beyond remarkable. I have had some prior experience of energy work and Reiki but have to say this was a completely different and more profound. I would encourage anyone who is feeling “stuck” with issues or emotions to book a session with her – you will not be disappointed.”

Pam S.

Campbell, CA.

“Daniella Ambika’s energy work is powerful and deep. During the sessions, either in person or distance I can feel the energy working it’s magic in my body. After the sessions I feel relaxed. She holds a wonderful space so I can focus on receiving. After we worked on getting grounded and integrated in my body I could feel that my feet were more connected to the earth. They actually went through a physical change. I’m so grateful for her work and support. I would highly recommend her!”

Mikyo W.

Santa Cruz, CA.