Heart Wisdom Mentorship with Daniella

Heart Wisdom Mentorship is a private one-on-one program with Daniella’s heart-wisdom teachings to understand and activate the wisdom of the Heart into your life in the areas you need it most so that you are fulfilled, connected and clear to move forward on your heart path.


Heart Wisdom Mentorship Private Program

  • 2 Heart Wisdom Mentoring Sessions per month
  • One monthly Progress call
  • Personalized Monthly Assignments and Plan

Registration open until Full. Max 6 Mentees per year.


$300 Commitment Deposit and completed application needed to enroll.

$597/per month for 6 month program


CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Heart Wisdom Mentorship Clarity Call with Daniella and see if it’s a fit.


“One of the hardest things about growth for me, was recognizing the opportunity for where I needed help. My current state of being knows very well how to trick me into ‘thinking’ that all of my actions are good for me. My mind also knows very well how to justify my actions, actions that in my body, I can feel are not in line with who I want to be. Also, by myself, I found it to be extremely difficult to  recognize when these things were happening. It wasn’t until later that I learned from Daniella that these actions were set in motion to serve some purpose for myself at an earlier time and that’s why the story still existed in me. Not only was it impossible for me to see this, I also didn’t have the understanding of how the mind worked in these situations to understand what really was going on.

This is exactly why receiving the Heart Wisdom Mentorship with Daniella has been so monumental !! With her heart that is so full, she has this unconditional capacity to not only by pass her own mind’s chatter .. but also those of others. In holding space, she instilled courage in me, walking with me every step, leading me to the root of an unconscious pattern. She also did that with so much compassion, that it allowed for judgement of myself to slowly dissolve.

In the loving space that Daniella held, I could uncover what part of me (physical and emotional) needed more healing. She taught me that healing preceded transformation/growth of any kind. From this healing, she taught me how to become more aware of when these unconscious patterns would kick in. My inability to pause right before an old trigger would lead to a chain of actions that were undesirable. I am now able to choose differently.  The result of this healing + skills to choose a different action translated to ‘Growth’. Growth in an aspect of my ways of being. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to receive these teachings and do this work with Daniella as this entire process is making me empowered to rely more and more on my own intuition and heart’s guidance. And the result has been more actions that are in line with a version of me that I would be proud of! 🙂 Thank you, Daniella!”

~Anonymous and humble student, 2017


Heart Wisdom Coaching Testimonial from Daniella Cotreau on Vimeo.