" I love, love, loved every second I spent..."

Just wanted to say how much I love, love, loved every second I spent in her awesome Body Temple Yoga class. I truly consider it a privilege to have met and practiced with such an inspirational instructor. Wish I could tell you all the awesome things I discovered in her class but it would be a book, so I will tell you this; By encouraging me to open up from the inside, I was able to let go and open up in other facets of my life and practice, in doing so I am able to catch a glimpse of my authentic self and the courage to follow my heart.

For this and many other things like my pecs and delts (lol),
I thank you, Daniella Cotreau.


Douglas Renteria
San Jose, Ca.

"...it's obvious she loves and and cares for all of her students..."

Doing a Teacher Training with Daniella Cotreau was the single most sustainably transformative experience of my life, and the best investment I could have possibly made for my body and total well-being. I felt that I FINALLY had the keys I'd been looking for in my practice, and the keys KEPT COMING with every session! The tools with which she equipped me are both deep and accessible, and I feel so grateful to now have them with me. Almost a year later I'm still integrating all I learned, so I know that the benefits continue far beyond the time spent in training. I feel better in my body now than I ever have before, and I owe much of this to the wisdom shared by this amazing woman. There's not a single aspect of my life that hasn't been improved by the knowledge Daniella shared with me. To top it all off, it's obvious she loves and and cares for all of her students, and is someone I know I can always count on. Thank you infinitely, Daniella!

Samuel Wexler

"...present with us at each practice."

I have been practicing almost twice per week with Daniella since early November of 2008. In 3 months my body has transformed and although I still have many miles to go in gaining the strength I would like, she’s been instrumental in getting me this far. Here’s what I really like about her instruction. First, she very meticulous in her description of where and how you should hold your body (every part of your body) in each pose. And, she is vigilant in making certain you’re not going to get yourself into trouble as well. Next, I like that she takes time at the beginning and at the end of the practice with a meditative practice, and ritual opening and closings “Om mantras”. Finally, I love the music she plays! I’m extremely picky about music fitting a situation and she really has this eclectic mix of world, meditative, and Indian chant music. I like it when she challenges me. She often will come up and double-check my poses and give me praise when it’s obvious I’ve made some progress. She’s an active instructor who is fully entrenched and present with us at each practice.

Kathleen Silver
San Jose, California

"... her style is amazing!"

I was introduced to Daniella while participating in one of her classes back in November of 2008. During that class it hit me that for the past 15 years I’d been practicing yoga, I’d really just been going through the motions- physically (not mentally). The unique and detailed way she explains each pose from the rooting of your feet all the way through each individual muscle/body part is so different than any of the other approximately 50 instructors I’d experienced in my yoga life. I’m very active and still wake up the next day after her class sore from using different muscles… properly! It really is an incredible feeling after completing one of her classes. Do yourself a favor and experience it for yourself as I highly recommend her instruction, her style is amazing!

Reed Nelson
Los Gatos, California

"Daniella is an inspiration..."

Daniella is an inspiration with an unconcealed passion to share the grace and love she fully embodies. She was my first introduction to Anusara yoga and after my first class I was hooked. She is truly interested and invested in each of her students, focusing on proper alignment and opening of the heart to grace so that you can find your true core. I was privileged to be a part of the Summer Solstice Yoga Festival Retreat that she led in the beautiful redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It was a day full of love, beauty, inspiration, community, laughter, and empowerment. The yoga sessions were outside soaking in the summer sun accompanied by live music that enhanced each pose. Daniella led the yoga classes with a playful serenity, allowing for everyone to receive energy and support. Her desire to share and spread her lifes practice is a joy to see and pleasantly contagious. Daniella’s radiating energy and pure love of life has been an unequivocal inspiration to me and my journey forward.

Shannon Baker
Mountain View, California

"...very peaceful and comforting..."

As a new male student, a little out of shape and having past injuries and weak areas I was a little leary, wondering what the experience would be like. However, I was greeted by Daniella with warmth and made to feel very welcome. I was quite surprised at the almost instant physical results. I think more pleasantly surprised with the mental and spiritual aspects that Daniella brought to the class. Even though I could not do all the poses, Daniella helped me by giving me alternatives and encouragement. The results were almost instantaneous. For years, I have experienced pain in my lower back. The morning after doing yoga with Daniella I could feel a greater range of motion and noticed my lower back released and the pain disappeared. Through this, I have a new appreciation for the physical aspect of Yoga.

I think what stuck out most for me was Daniella’s personal contribution. One instantly obvious to me, was her voice. It’s very peaceful and comforting to hear. The tone and rhythm of her teaching direction were peaceful and encouraging.

Another aspect that Daniella brought to my first yoga experience was that she emphasizes being spiritually in tune with your body: To breathe with your heart, chest and then throughout your whole body. To be in the moment and present with what you are doing and feeling. Then she took it a step further and included a way to deal with the feelings related to what you have going on in your life. Instead of asking you to discard them or not to think about them, she actually encouraged you to except those things into your heart and make peace with them. Building a kind of spiritual strength to use and grow. This was a new approach for me and one I thought was really great. Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to going back again and again. I would highly recommend Yoga and Daniella to everyone. Take her class and I believe it would truly be a beneficial experience.

Thank you Daniella!

Jim Meech
Los Gatos, Ca.

"Daniella has an unyielding magnetism."

Daniella has an unyielding magnetism. For this I am lucky. She encompasses the essence of what I see to be compassion. For me yoga hasn’t been the easiest journey. I have come and gone as I have been overwhelmed by the sensations that occur within, by the goodness that has crept in and slowly changed my heart. Daniella makes that journey a little more comfortable, gently guiding you through the inner most depths of your being. She offers you warmth along, what may be for some of us, a very cold journey. Moreover, she gives you the tools you need to set yourself free. It is not only the style of yoga she teahces, it is the woman she is that makes it easy to keep coming back.

Katherine Marcus
Novato, California

"...so amazing."

I enrolled in an Anusara Immersion today. It was so amazing. Best of all…you were in my thoughts all day. We went around the room at the very beginning and talked about how we found Anusara and who our first teacher was. At least four people in the room talked about you. Of course I did as you are not only the one who introduced me to Anusara, but the one who first introduced me to yoga in general. You will always be the one who laid the foundation in the unfolding of my heart, as well as the one who helped me begin my journey inward and along the path of opening to grace. Thank you for being so open and teaching your classes with such passion, love and devotion. You are the reason why I fell in love with this practice. I dedicated my practice to you today and in theory all my practices are dedicated to you, because without you…I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you for continuing to touch the lives of so many with your authentic, inspirational teaching. You are such a gift to the world, my beautiful guru.


Meg O’Holleran
Los Gatos, CA.

"Daniella is a pure joy to be around."

Daniella is a pure joy to be around. It has been an honor to hold space by her side in a professional setting. It is delightful to witness the way she coaches her students with such grace and a keen eye for alignment. I always feel immediately lifted up because of her bright loving energy. Daniella is inspiring to learn from, because there are few teachers who actually “live the practice”. It’s evident in her teaching style.

~Jonah Kai Morreale
Sound healer & co-facilitator

"...unwavering and wise."


What has so deeply influenced me is Daniella’s complete absence of doubt. Do you remember as a child how you rested secure in the surety of your mother? She had no doubts, or rather you weren’t able to see them yet, and therefore you doubted nothing. I’ve approached many things in my life through the words of Indira Gandhi—if you’re not brave, act brave; no one can tell the difference. But there’s a degree of leadership that goes beyond that—and it stems from an unwavering conviction in the value of what you have to teach. When you walk into Daniella’s class you know instantly that what she embodies is not just a branch of yoga, a wellness program, or a mindset—it’s raw power; unwavering and wise. You rest easy in her arms because you know that they will hold you. And from that childlike openness she teaches. And you learn. Without doubt.

Sara Hall
Biotech CEO, Kansas City/San Jose, California