San Diego Yoga Retreat

June 27-30th 2019!!


Photo below taken by BTYS – no filter, no edits! Yes, this was real. Amazing!

Plan on seeing this on your retreat!

“While leading lectures at her Summer Solstice retreat, I was moved by Daniella’s expertise in teaching postures and her wise guidance of the classes. Her good spirits and clear focus made every class a deep learning experience and a pleasure. The whole retreat was extremely well managed and effortless to enjoy. It was a privilege to work with her.” Eric Shaw

Bay Area, CA.

“The sweet scent of pine in the air and panoramic views of the Santa Cruz mountains are only the appetizer in the banquet of The Summer Solstice yoga retreat with Daniella. Come to the table of devotion with fellow yogins of different abilities, ages and backgrounds, each one a guest of honor, opening the circle with acceptance. Daniella is the master chef, beginning the meal with prayer and intention, orchestrating music, inviting musicians into the dance. We start as a salad, different sizes, shapes and colors, tossed together, but separate. Then simmering with the heat of the practice, we meld together into a warm soup with our breath and sweat. Daniella adds the right amount of spice for a sweet burn and herbs for healing relaxation. Satisfied, we take a break and mingle with one another for conversation, massage, nature, play and the feeling of community as we join in the kitchen for shared lunch. Reaching out is easy in this nurturing group; non-judgement opens your heart the way yoga opens your body. At the end of the day, a closing session of yoga is the dessert, sweet, the icing on the cake before leaving for home, feeling full and at peace.” Kitty Steinborn

Silicon Valley, CA.

“Daniella is an incredible and gifted teacher and it was a joy to attend her recent yoga retreat. Daniella is fun and leads her classes with playfulness, and generosity. Not only is she able to clearly articulate what is required for each position she expertly uses her own body to demonstrate proper alignment and form. She also provides insight into the history and philosophy of yoga which adds potency to each pose and a deeper understanding of how yoga can enrich our entire lives. Daniella’s classes are an excellent workout for anyone, regardless of level. I highly recommend her as a teacher.” Amelia Warren


“Daniella is a dedicated and passionate teacher of yoga philosophy and alignment principles. Her love of the practice came through fully as she guided us through a week-long journey of exploring the ways yoga philosophy is embodied and expressed physically, and gave great hands-on assists to help bring this into our body awareness. A retreat with Daniella was a gift of time to be with myself in the practice of opening my heart, discovering new ways of moving in my body, and a sweet time to share with others in laughter, learning, and play. I am so grateful for Daniella’s clear guidance and committed presence in each of our sessions, and her balance of pushing us to both challenge ourselves to our limits, and support us in nurturing ourselves and having fun.” Lauren Borowsky

Nevada City, California

“I’ve known Daniella over the last 6 years and there has been a very strong connection to both her spiritual presence and teaching skills. This is clearly exemplified in her excellent dedication to bringing in only the highest level of teachings. This type of guidance will build on anyone’s existing practice and make an excellent foundation for the beginner as well. My feeling is that this retreat allowed all its participants to feel the sacred energies Daniella carrys and bathe in them. Everyone was so bright and enthused it was a pleasure to be included.

The setting of the location in the Santa Cruz Mountains was very condusive to what was being shared.

Eric’s Yoga Sutras lectures made the teachings much more understandable and fun to learn.
The food was lovingly prepared. Those ladies took very good care of us.

I can authentically and highly recommend this to anyone.” Art Wilbrand

Bay Area, CA.

“I attended Daniella’s Celebrate Spring and Shri Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica in March of 2010. Meeting Daniella for the first time, I was struck by her vibrancy, sparkling, life-filled eyes, her focused sense of purpose, her passion for the present moment, and her deep connection to others. I must give enormous credit to Daniella’s ability to bring about a resonant feeling in each individual by embodying the meaning of Anusara which means to “be in the flow,” “flowing with Grace,” “to follow your heart.” In the exquisite course of graceful dance, Daniella managed to open our eyes by waking our wide shut hearts and to get us close to our realization that we are SHRI and to the complete recognition of our oneness with the Absolute, as the Absolute, and to the fullness of grace, joy, love, knowledge, and power that such realization confers. I am most grateful for this incredible inspiration to recognize this absolute oneness with the infinite universal creative power to help the cessation of miseries and suffering and to attain vibrant health and lasting happiness. Thank you, Daniella, for this precious gift, for sharing your passionate vision and your rare talents with us. It feels good to be Shri. I wish you all the very best on your path and keep spread the good energy and sparkling grace.” Veronica Razuvaeva

Washington DC.

“Thank you, sweet friend and wise teacher! The seeds you helped me plant during the Harvest of Love Retreat feel like they have taken root already. My body feels lighter and more balanced and my heart and mind feel clearer than just 2 days ago. Amazing the transformations that can happen when we open ourselves to them. Yes, I did the work but like all true teachers, you pointed the way.” Rick Elliot

Santa Cruz, CA.