Listen To Your Body. Lead With Your Heart.

Live By The Leadership Of Your Heart

Welcome to Body Temple Yoga™ School

Body Temple Yoga™ School is a heart wisdom leadership school.

I teach embodied leadership through the lens of the heart.

We birth Heart Based Leaders For World Change.
We are a community of yoga practioners, teachers, healers, activists, game changers and heart-based leaders.

Our school specializes in heart-based leadership with transformative personal growth programs that are rooted in living and leading with heart.

We include and incorportate traditional roots of yoga with modern day tools to make sure your heart based leadership includes you and the work you are here to do.

 The methodolody of Body Temple Yoga™ is one of the many applied tools and skills to reach your embodied transformation into a heart based leader. It was specifically developed out of 20+ years of practice, study and lived experience.
It uses internal alignment merged with heart wisdom teachings to direct energy from your head down to your Heart.

It’s powerful result is embodiment.

You move from only an intellectual understanding to an living model for others.

If you are ready for the journey and to have some massive progress in your life, myself and my team are ready to support you.


Daniella Cotreau, CEO & Founder

Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program


You start your journey.
You transform through your body.
You move from living in your head to leading from your heart.

Becoming A Heart Based Leader Advanced Transformation Program

You learn energetics of  heart & life alignment both inside and out.
You build structure to bring your calling into the world successfully.

Certified Ambassador Program

You become a lineage holder & torch carrier of your mission.
You lead high level leader of leaders  in your given area of cultivation and live your legacy within it.

Private Heart Wisdom Life Mentorship

Heart Wisdom Life Mentorship is private one-on-one mentorship with Daniella Cotreau.
You will unravel old patterns that hold you back and replace them with actionable steps to transform your life from the inside out for lasting and postive change to where you see real results.
You will spend less time in Ego (uncertainty, stress, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, suffering etc) and more time in your heart doing what you love, what you came here to do and do it with integrity, grace, power and efficacy.
This is for those who desire or prefer a private one on one container.

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