Your Body Is A Temple Of The Heart.

Listen to Your Body. Lead from your Heart.

Community Of The Heart

Join us in the journey from living from your head to living from your heart!

Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program

Mentor trainees and be mentored as a new teacher in a real time class environment.

Welcome to Body Temple Yoga™ School

Body Temple Yoga™ School is a community of yoga practioners, healers and positive change makers that believe in the power of the heart and it’s capacity to make our world a better place.

We offer trainings, courses and workshops to educate, motivate and support each student to live in accordance with their heart and live a life in full alignment with who they truly are.

 Daniella’s unique approach to internal alignment and her Heart Wisdom Teachings directs the flow of energy back to the Heart as a means to open the Heart and live from it. We start by developing physical embodiment practices to shift the way you carry yourself to have a healthier body and more energy.
Then reclaim connection to your Heart and your own innate wisdom.

It is a journey from the inside out.
If you are up for the journey we would be happy to welcome and support you!


Body Temple Yoga™ School Retreats are held in San Diego and across the globe in beautiful locations. They are an immersive experience into the teachings and hours for each retreat can be used for The 300hr Advanced Teacher Training.

Teacher Trainings

Body Temple Yoga™ School offers Heart Wisdom 200hr and 300hr Teacher Trainings, Mentorship Programs and opportunties to be certified to teach Body Temple Yoga™ and become ambassadors of it’s heart based mission.

Live Events

Body Temple Yoga™ School’s live events bring innovation, deep wisdom and playful exploration. We collaborate with cutting edge leaders who teach the latest in the evolution of consciousness making these events unforgettable and inspirational.

Heart Wisdom Mentorship Program

Heart Wisdom Mentorship is a private one-on-one virtual program with Daniella to bring the wisdom of the Heart into your daily life so that it’s an external reflection of your deepest heart’s calling.