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Shift from Scarcity to Abundance Consciousness.

Scarcity Consciousness is prevalent in our global culture.
It is the mindset of “not enough” and all the hidden places it shows up within yourself and your life.

You remain in scarcity consciousness until you commit to doing the inner work to unravel wounds, face where you’ve been influenced by scarcity consciousness from society, family lineage and conditioning.
Then you can gracefully move into abundance consciousness in every facet of  your life.
Abundance is your birthright and what’s in true alignment with who you really are.

Scarcity and Abundance don’t take up the same space.

It’s time to shift from one frequency to the other.

It’s time to uncover where in yourself and in your life, you are STILL operating in scarcity and clean that up so that you are living and serving in the ways you feel called.

AND, both you and your offerings are abundant in energy and growth.

“Heart- based leaders make bold decisions.”
~Founder, Daniella Cotreau

~ Advanced level personal transformation and teachings to incorporate into your existing vision that bring effective change to those you serve.

~ Operate from full embodiment of your worth.

~ Know how EVERY one of your gifts can be shared seamlessly within your vision.

~ Get the structure to get out of the mental struggle of “how”.

Your heart holds everything you need.
It is meant to serve yourself and your impact.

It carries abundance so you carry our your mission successfully
AND live a lifestyle that is in alignment with your deepest values.



Your Advanced Embodiment Studies:

Energetic Alignment – in you and life.
Advanced Hands on Adjustments
Intrinsic Movement-based Anatomy
Fascia – Its role in Movement & Emotions
Bio Energetics
Outreach Program
Tantra Philosophy 
Evolution of Heart Base Business Ethics 
Neuro Science  
Embodied Transformation
Advancing In Ayurvedic Lifestyle
Trauma Informed Yoga
Quantum Field Practices & Life Application 
Advanced Pranayama  Techniques

Your Personal Transformation:

Shift from Scarcity to Abundance Consciousness.
Heal Your Money Wounds
Advanced Heart Wisdom Life Teachings
Acro Yoga For A New Relationship To Fear
Design, Fill and Lead successful and profitable offerings
Heart-Based Living & The Law of Correspondence
Heart-Based Leadership: Close The Gaps in an Ego Based World
How Your Personal Growth Serves Your Successful Entrepreneurship
Map your Freedom Schedule
How to build your business around your life instead of your life around your business.
True Inner Union: Masculine and Feminine Principles in yourself, your life and your mission.
The Art of Giving Back in Your Offerings.

2 VIP RETREAT TRAININGS  in beautiful San Diego!

October and June


Meet Your Guest Teachers

Daniella Cotreau – Lead Teacher

Christopher Tompkins

Satya Shiva

Dr. Lindsay McCarthy

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier


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Weekend Dates: TBA

September – August


After having experienced how transformational The Head-to-Heart training and The Mentorship program was for me, Becoming A Heart Based Leader Program was something that I was excited to take even before the program was formally announced. And my experience was not only transformational, it was deeply humbling and educational. While it’s impossible to cover all the topics we learnt I’d like to share at least a few of the highlights that made this an amazing  learning experience for me.

We delved deep into the energetics of the alignment in our asana practice with Daniella. This practicum was so thorough that even to this day ( after a year ), I am still able to apply the tools to not only visualize and practice this in my own body. But, also to help my students build a deeper mind-body connection, increasing the amount of access and range they have in their body / practice. We also studied several breathing and meditation techniques in depth along with an understanding and when and how to use them. We learnt the structure of how to build great workshops and cultivated skills to create and run our own workshops. We were also taught what it meant to ‘hold space’ effectively. This was also the section where we did mindset work and received tons feedback and resources on diet and the importance of a routine that it helped me building a yogic lifestyle as opposed to seeing yoga as something I do / teach.

There was also a great introduction to understanding the inherent philosophical differences between western and eastern approaches to well being. To me this section was eye opening cos it enabled me to discern good teachers / training / practices from FADs and gave me a compass to navigate the vast ocean of material on Yoga available today.

We received an in-depth education on what changes occur physically, harmonally, anatomically and emotionally during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy, birthing and months after. And along with the physical practice, there was a huge emphasis and education on what to expect and how to emotionally support someone during the various stages. At the end of this section all students felt so much more confident, prepared and safe having a pregnant woman in class.

We then studied Prana Vinyasa / Fascial…It really again started to stretch our abilities on how to adapt and extend poses and the practice to be more suited to individual’s specific bone structure and anatomy.

While this is a lot, it really doesn’t begin to convey how rich an education and experience this training was. There was something really special about diving into the deep end of the sea with a small and intimate group of women that was nurturing and healing by itself.

Divya Navaneeth

Los Gatos, CA.

“Daniella, the school founder and your main instructor for the training has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes across in every session she teaches. What I loved about The Becoming A Heart Based Leader was that I got a sampling of a variety of formats and traditions, which I was able to incorporate directly into the classes that I teach. It changed the way I teach yoga and the way I myself practice. I feel grateful to be leading others through the wisdom of Body Temple’s Heart-Centered lineage.

Nadia Santiago

San Jose, CA.

The Becoming A Heart Based Leader Program has been a wonderful learning experience. Not only did we get to dive deeper into heart wisdom and leadership with Daniella, but we got to learn from an assortment of wonderful guest teachers as well.

I have so much new information to bring into my yoga teaching and my life. I particularly loved the yoga and Anatomy/Movement weekends. There is so much from these weekends that I can’t wait to bring into my teaching.

On a more personal level, the Ayurveda weekend helped me add to my self-care tool belt. I looked forward to each weekend, and left every Sunday inspired, and with my heart full. That being said, it is not easy. The weekends are fun, but intense. And Daniella will ask a lot of you. But she is always there to support you and help you reach beyond what you think is possible. No, it’s not easy. But it’s 100% worth it!

Susanna Wise

Bend, Oregon

I started The Becoming a Heart Based Leader Program in 2018. I had just finished the Head to Heart Program and I was feeling called to go deeper and wanted to take the next program that the school was offering. I was excited to see the lineup of guest teachers that would be teaching and I was also looking forward to spending more time with Daniella.

One of things (among many) that stood out to me about this program was the guest teachers that were involved. The caliber of these teachers amazed me and I knew that Daniella set the bar high from my experience with The Head To Heart Program. She did not disappoint when recruiting her guest teachers for this program. We spent full weekends learning about energetics, mobility and facia, Tantra yoga and much much more. Each guest teacher was unique in their own way and I left each Sunday completely mind blown. 

Another thing that made this program unique was the retreat that was built into it. We had the most amazing retreat with Daniella in Encinitas. During the retreat we dove deep into yoga workshop creation, we had a private lesson on how to do Acro Yoga and we enjoyed time at the beach swimming in the ocean. During the retreat I connected more deeply with the other ladies in the program and I came back feeling refreshed and closer to myself.

One of my intentions in taking the training was to connect with my feminine side on a deeper level and to connect more with my heart. I work 40 + hours a week in a corporate setting which can be full of masculinity and ego. This training provided me with more tools to add to my tool belt and helped me a great deal at work. By the end of the training I could feel a shift in who I was and that led to a shift in how I showed up to my workplace. I would recommend The Becoming a Heart Based Leader Program for anyone who wants to gather tools to become a stronger leader for others and themselves.

Cassandra Muscara

Oakland, CA.


The full tuition and all payments of the course are non-refundable.  
This is a full commitment course.

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