The Body Temple Yoga™ Methodology

Body Temple Yoga™ is a methodology and technology developed by ERYT-500 senior yoga instructor of 18 years, Founder of Body Temple Yoga™ School and Heart Wisdom Life Mentor Daniella Cotreau.

Daniella’s signature methodology of Body Temple Yoga™ goes into the true understanding of what “alignment” means in your body and how it directly translates into every aspect of your life.

Body Temple Yoga™ method’s technology utilizes INTERNAL alignment in your body to literally move energy and focus from your head to your heart. It is based on the latest in cutting edge education, scientific research in neuroscience, heart-based studies and 40+ years of lived experience.

From this internal alignment, embodiment of yogic teachings is reached. It moves you from only an intellectual understanding of the teachings to an embodied and lived experience of the teachings. This is true transformation when you show up differently in the world and live what you have learned. It is an embodied teaching experience which creates permanent transformation instead of just a one-off feel good experience.

The physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual levels are transformed together.
It is a highly developed yoga system that creates a coherent relationship between your heart and your mind.

Your body transforms, your view of self upgrades and your outlook of what’s possible in your life becomes an actualized reality.


“Through The Body Temple Yoga™ Method, you align your body with your Heart and mind.
And through that, you live the life you are here to live.”
~Daniella Cotreau

Om Hrim Namah Shivaya
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha

OM – radical affirmation of the whole of reality.

HRIM – the humbling experience of one’s own Heart as containing the seed of the whole universe.

NamaḥŚivāya – Reverence to the Divine, defined as unbounded Consciousness reposing in the innate bliss of Self-awareness.

Tasmai Śrīgurave namaḥ – to that auspicious, bountiful, beautiful, and radiant Consciousness that manifests as the Teacher, reverence!


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