Body Temple Yoga ™ School is home of revolutionary, self-empowering, cutting edge education, dedicated to spreading the wisdom teachings of the Heart through personal growth programs, high level teacher trainings and mentorship. We exist to create a new paradigm of truly living from the heart and uplift humanity to a deeper level of consciousness. It is home to a growing community of brave and beautiful souls who believe in the power of the Heart and who practice to embody this in their lives everyday. We understand that our own transformation is the foundation of transforming the lives of others.

We believe that living from your heart will not only change your own individual life for the better but also for your family, community and the world at large.

We accomplish all this by certifying you to become a highly trained, heart-based, internal alignment- based Hatha yoga teacher who wants to make a positive impact in the world as a heart based leader.

Body Temple Yoga™ School offers 5 Star Rated Personal Transformation Programs inside Yoga Teacher Trainings at their gorgeous 3000sq ft. home in San Jose.

We offer a private Heart Wisdom Mentorship, Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program, high level yoga retreats and The Body  Temple Yoga™ Ambassador Program to become certified to be a teacher trainer for the school and be certified to teach The Body Temple Yoga™ Method.

We understand that living in alignment with our heart allows us to live our true purpose and be the BEST version of ourselves.

We welcome you here and look forward to meeting you!