Body Temple Yoga™ School

Body Temple Yoga™ School is a heart wisdom leadership school.

We teach embodied leadership through the lens of the heart.

We birth Heart Based Leaders For World Change.
We are a community of yoga practioners, teachers, healers, activists, game changers and heart-based leaders.

Our school specializes in heart-based leadership with transformative personal growth programs that are rooted in living and leading with heart.

We include and incorportate traditional roots of yoga with modern day tools to make sure your heart based leadership includes you and the work you are here to do.

 The methodolody of Body Temple Yoga™ is one of the many applied tools and skills to reach your embodied transformation into a heart based leader. It was specifically developed out of 20+ years of practice, study and lived experience.
It uses internal alignment merged with heart wisdom teachings to direct energy from your head down to your Heart.
It’s powerful result is embodiment.
You move from only an intellectual understanding to an embodied model for others.

It is a deep personal and life transformation from the inside out.
If you are ready for the journey and do the work to have some major progress in your life, myself and my team are ready to support you.

Check out our full list of programs and offerings.

We welcome you here and look forward to meeting, serving and growing with you.

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