Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program

 Next program STARTS September 2021.

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The Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program is the first stage personal growth program towards heart-based leadership. It serves as a rite of passage from living from your head to leading from your heart. You grow into who you really are. From there, we uncover your calling.
I look forward to meeting you to serve your transformation and heart-led life.

Daniella Cotreau

CEO, Founder, Visionary


You will be taught and guided how to make the journey from living from your Head to living from your Heart and know how to apply it to your life. With this knowledge, you will gain an understanding of what that means and be aligned with your true calling. You will know how to live from your authenticity, know why you are here and move forward with confidence, clarity and purpose.

This is a deeply immersive 9 MONTH program.
We train one weekend per month.
Integration time and practice for embodiment of the teachings in between training weekends.

Students who have participated in and graduated from the Head to Heart Personal Transformation program have ultimately amassed a variety of tools, resources and adaptations to their own lives to better equip them with a mastery over their lives, rather than their lives having mastery over them.

Through the program, students gain a sense of confidence in themselves and have progressed to learn heart-based leadership.  With a more refined understanding and wisdom of true embodiment, successful graduates have also empowered their lives with the knowledge of internal and external alignment in their lives. The result is they are excited about their lives, their calling and actively living they are proud of.


In learning the philosophy and timeless heart wisdom teachings, students established an unprecedented connection to their body and Heart and which has positively change their views and engagement with the world with more grace and less suffering. This has included the learning  of strong and healthy boundaries.

Through the acquisition of tools to empower themselves in all areas of life, the Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program has given students the understanding of what it means to truly live from their Hearts.

What Our Students Have To Say
About Our Yoga Teacher Training




Head to Heart Personal Transformational Program 

Comprehensive course outline:

  • Learn The Body Temple Yoga® Method
     Internal Alignment Principles – that move energy from your head to your heart.
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Heart Wisdom Teachings™
  • Pranayama – Breath work techniques for transformation
  • Meditation
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Ayurveda – Sister science to yoga.
  • Laws/Ethics Course
  • The Art of Transformational Teaching
  • The Art of Touch WITH Internal Alignment
  • Speaking from your Heart AND your power.
  • Skillful & Effective Communication
  • Leading & Teaching with Confidence
  • Holding Space For Transformation
  • Heart Wisdom Themes For Life

Who Is This For?


  • You want a holistic understanding and solid practice and education of true yoga & yoga that opens the heart.
  • You know you want to bring yoga into your life, into the lives of others and into your existing work.
  • You desire to learn to live by your heart and stop living only in your head.
  • You wish to build a successful career change in a way that helps other people.
  • You want to learn how aligment changes the game.
  • You want to learn heart-based leadership skills.
  • You wish to know how to run a successful heart-based container.
  • You feel strongly about taking your existing yoga knowledge to the next level.
  • You wish to be in a heart-based community of like-minded people walking this path.
  • You are ready for your own personal transformation.
  • You understand the importance of investing in your personal growth and development in order for true life change.
  • You strive to be confident in yourself and confident leading others.
  • You seek out cutting edge education.


The Head To Heart Personal Transformation Program is a full commitment program.


Q: Can anyone take this course?

A: Yes. You will learn everything you need to know in the training itself so no experince is required. You will learn heatlhy habits from the beginning and build you from the ground up. This is a personal transformation program that will take you deeper into your already existing knowledge base and expand it from there. This course includes specific alignment training and heart-wisdom life teachings.


Q: Can I attend this program from anywhere?

A: Yes! We are successfully online. 




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