Head to Heart
Personal Transformation Program
& 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program & 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive and high quality program that is founded and directed by ERYT-500 senior yoga instructor of 17 years Daniella Cotreau and is offered every September in San Jose CA.

The Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program & 200hr Yoga Teacher Training will start September 2020 at Body Temple Yoga School‘s BEAUTIFUL HOME in San Jose!

Registration for the 2019 – 2020 Program is now closed!


Registration for the Fall 2020 Program will open January 2020. 
Check back soon to register! 

The heart-based Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program provides a high level 200-hour yoga teacher training. It is a unique personal growth course and yoga education training program that is exclusive to Body Temple Yoga. In addition to learning how to teach detailed internal alignment and become a highly trained yoga teacher, there is an incredible opportunity built into this training focusing on personal development.   This blended program is on the level of the Heart, and serves as a rite of passage into who you really are.   Regardless of whether you teach in the end or not, the offerings and teachings included within are transferable and applicable to either an instructor based practice, or your own personal growth.  It would be our honor to help you walk to the other side.

Daniella Cotreau E-RYT500, YACEP

CEO and Founder, Body Temple Yoga™ School


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Supplementary to becoming a highly trained 200hr level yoga teacher, you will be guided to make the journey from living from your Head to living from your Heart and learn how to apply it to your life. With this knowledge, you will gain an understanding of what that means and be aligned on your personal path that is based in your heart. You will know how to live and teach from your authenticity and know why you are here, with confidence, clarity and purpose.

This training is a big opportunity to live your authentic and empowered self.

This is a deeply immersive 9 MONTH program. We train one weekend per month with integration and practice periods in between weekends.

Students who have participated in and graduated from the Head to Heart Personal Transformation program have ultimately amassed a variety of tools, resources and adaptations to their own lives to better equip them with a mastery over their lives, rather than their lives having mastery over them.

Through the program, many students have gained a sense of confidence in the self and have progressed to embody a heart-based leadership.  With a more complex understanding and wisdom of the roots of yoga, successful graduates have also been empowered to deepen their own asana practices with the knowledge of internal alignment.   This transformation of life has in turn, allowed them to heal their bodies and their relationship to them while connecting with their tribe.


In learning the philosophy and teachings of yoga, students have established an unprecedented connection to the Heart and to their Intuition, which has compelled them to change their views and interactions with the world in a positive and strength-based way.  This has often been achieved through the creation and establishment of strong and healthy boundaries.

Students have learned the skills required to design a functioning home practice while being well versed in the ability to provide excellent and sound verbal internal alignment instruction.

Through the acquisition of the tools required to empower themselves in all relations, the Head to Heart Personal Transformation program has enlightened students with the understanding of what it means to truly live from their Hearts.

What Our Students Have To Say
About Our Yoga Teacher Training




Head to Heart Personal Transformational Program & 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

This comprehensive course includes:

  • Yoga Philosophy – What is true yoga?
  • History and Roots of Yoga
  • Daniella’s Heart Wisdom Teachings™
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Bhakti Yoga Experiences
  • Pranayama Teachings
  • Meditation Teachings
  • Sound Healing Experiences
  • Interactive Anatomy
  • Ayurveda – The Sister Science to Yoga
  • Yoga Laws, Business & Ethics course

Who Is This For?

Individuals who:

  • want to go deeper in their practice and understanding of yoga. Not being certain if they want to teach is ok!
  • know they want to teach yoga and want a holistic, well-rounded education
  • are already 200hr level certified but were dissatisfied with the training they received and are left wanting more
  • want a heart-based yoga training
  • desire to learn to live by their heart and stop living only in their head
  • wish to build a successful career change in a way that helps other people in addition to helping themselves
  • want to bring high quality yoga into their existing career or practice
  • would like to learn proper alignment beyond just the basic form of the pose
  • strive to be confident in themselves and confident leading others
  • seek out cutting edge education. They are not satisfied with what they are experiencing in the average yoga class and want to learn more about what yoga really is
  • are not finding fulfillment in being a starving yoga teacher and instead wish to carve out a sustainable, thriving career as a yoga teacher and leader
  • wish to know how to run a successful heart-based business
  • appreciate the physical aspect and benefits of the practice AND want to learn the other major components of yoga-spiritual, philosophical, scientific, ayurvedic, anatomical etc…)
  • feel strongly about to taking their existing yoga education to the next level
  • want to understand how yoga can transform themselves, others and the world
  • seek out a better understanding of the healing benefits of yoga
  • wish to be part of a heart-based community of healers and game changers
  • look for alignment training
  • are ready for their own personal transformation
  • already possess an understanding of the importance of investing in their personal growth and development
  • who love personal growth!

9 MONTH program

Saturday’s 12-8pm
Sunday’s 10-6pm

September 28, 29
October 19, 20
November 2, 3
December 7, 8
January 25, 26
February 29, Mar 1
March 28, 29
April 25, 26
May 30/ 31 – graduation!


We have a BEAUTIFUL HOME in San Jose!
255 North Market Street, Suite 270, San Jose, CA 95110 (Near San Pedro Square)


We have our own parking lot right outside the building and free street parking in a quiet section of town.


The Head To Heart Personal Transformation Program & 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is a full commitment training program. In order to get the most out of your training experience, full attendance is of course best. However, we do understand that life circumstances arise. Therefore, we provide a grace period in which you can miss up to 2 full weekends of the training and still be able to make up the work and complete the course.


Q: Can beginners take this course?

A: Yes. You will learn everything you need to know in the training itself so no experince is required. We will teach you heatlhy habits from the beginning and build you from the ground up.

Q: If I already have a 200hr certifiation from somewhere else, can I take this training?

A: Absolutely yes. This is a personal transformation program built inside a yoga teacher training and is not offered anywhere else. Subsequently, many people who were already certified teachers have taken this training because they did not get the education they had hoped for. Likewise, they may have wanted their own personal transformation to take their leadership and skillset to the next level. This course includes specific alignment training and heart-wisdom life coaching. The course you accumulated from taking The Head to Heart Yoga Training can count towards continuing education hours on top of your already established certification.
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Q: Can I take this program if I am pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant during the course?

A: Yes! We have had many women take this course during their pregnancy and given birth during the course and have successfully completed it. Daniella and her team are well trained to work with pregnant women. They are our body temple babies!

dQ: I don’t live in the San Jose area. Can I still attend this training program?

A: Yes. We have many come from out of town to take this training. We meet one weekend per month. As such, this makes it accessible and doable for those coming from out of town, whether it’s SF, Sacramento or flying in from Southern California. Flights on Southwest are EASY and local Airbnb’s are great! We have a list of them for you. Students have also stayed with some of their fellow students-in-training who are local. The possibilities are endless.

Q: Why does your program have a higher tuition than other yoga teacher trainings?

A: Great question! Our course is MORE than just a yoga teacher training. It is a personal transformation program AND yoga teacher training built into one. Participants get more than just a certificate that says they can teach yoga. Students are getting personal growth training and high level yoga knowlege that, unfortunately, is missing in the majority of mainstream yoga education. Students will be trained to be the best version of themselves, best teacher/leader they can be and gain the knowledge of how to live and lead from the Heart. This is for those of you that understand that personal growth and healing is paramount to serving others and having a prosperous and successful mission.




Registration doors officially close October 31st!
Yes! There is still time to join!



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