Emerging Heart Live



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This Life-Changing 3 Day Event Will Raise Your Heart Based Leadership!

Join Founder/CEO, Heart Wisdom Life Mentor, Senior Yoga Educator, Daniella Cotreau for a Life-Changing 3 Day Event that will change the trajectory of your life.

There is a collective call to something more.

This call is emerging through the hearts of people like you who hear it and are ready to claim it.

Join us at Emerging Heart Live.

Join Daniella and her amazing team for 3 Full Days that will transform your life forever.

Get ready to take inspired action, be on fire about your life and mission and live as the person you were born to be.



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Body Temple Yoga® School programs and live events have a “no refunds” policy.
Our events fill up so we cannot “hold” spaces at workshops, trainings, or special events without payment.
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