Group Mentorship Program

Having a true teacher that you can trust to take you beyond where you would take yourself is a crucial part of your personal growth path.
Daniella is gifted to be able to open doors in you that you wouldn’t see to open yourself.

She has timeless wisdom and been on the personal growth path since 5 years old. She’s become a key holder for so many students to find places in themselves that they could not access on their own and helped them step up in their life in the ways that they’ve truly wanted but scared to do on their own.

The Mentorship Program with Daniella is an irreplaceable way of growing personally as well as a teacher, gaining unique inside access to a true teacher’s methodology and transmission of wisdom.
Daniella’s unique teachings with the wisdom of the Heart will have profound effects on your personal, spiritual and professional path.

9 month program 

Be Mentored in The Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program.

Become a mentor while being mentored.

  • Deepen the knowledge that you learned in the Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program  in a live classroom setting with your teacher in the room guiding and mentoring you to a new level of leadership.

  • Mentor the new group of students while you are mentored by Daniella to take your leadership to a new level.

  • Get one-one-personalized guidance from Daniella.

  • Quickly advance your skills and confidence.

  • Move through personal blocks to lead your life and the life of others.

  • Move towards heart-based leadership.

Dates for The Mentorship 2020:

September 26/27
October 17/18
November 21/22
December 5/6
January 16/17
February 6/7
March 13/14
April 17/18
May 15/16 – Graduation!


Registration is open!
Program starts September 26th 2020!


Schedule a 45 minute Clarity Call with Daniella

Mentorship Testimonials

The Mentorship with Daniella lead me to a more meaningful and enriching yoga practice with more intentional living and conscientious decision making. It helped me to recognize my True Self and how self-love can be practiced. I began  with The Head to Heart Program with no specific intentions of teaching, but the training cultivated a desire to share what I have learned with others. I was gifted the tools to teach yoga from great teachers that support and of course the loving, tireless Daniella. She is always willing to give her advice and loving support. It was the Mentorship Program that gave me the skills to help put all of the pieces together. I cannot express enough how valuable it is to reinforce the information from The Head To Heart Program through the Mentorship Program. I was given the opportunity to assist many wonderful people and watch their progress and growth, meanwhile, they helped me grow and learn as well. As Daniella always says: “Follow Your Heart!”

Karen Kim

San Jose, CA.

The Mentorship has given me the tools to be a knowledgeable/sensitive/effective Hatha yoga instructor. The experience helped me shed some of my walls to allow myself to be who I am and not who I think I should be. The teachings that I learned in the Head To Heart Program were still fresh in my body and mind after graduating. Going straight into The Mentorship allowed me to incorporate the teachings deeper into my personal understanding. The alignment comes more naturally to me now. It is not stored in my short term memory anymore because I was able to look at the material not from a student’s point of few, but more from an application point of view. When assisting, I had to synthesize all the information and apply it to the different body type, age, temperament and skill of the many students in the classroom. The mentorship also helped solidify not just what the alignment is but why we do it, how it works and how it helps. I learned that I can drop right into what I currently have in my personal experience and can incorporate the body and heart alignment of BTY. As a teacher, the mentorship has helped me realize that I have enough in my life experience to draw from to create an experience that is not just a physical practice but also a mindful practice. Before I started the mentorship…I felt I did not have enough life wisdom or insight to glean for my students. What I have learned is that I can take the journey I am on and be open to share that and draw from that. I need to let go of needing to feel “arrived” before I can open up. Being open is enough. Living with imperfection and chaos is part of life. On most days, I am striving towards selfcareand service of my family and community. On other days it is a struggle. I will never “arrive”, as life continues to move and I am on a life long journey. One very potent insight was listening and sharing a discussion about what we are passionate about as teachers. Each person spoke so openly about their passion, that the room became filled with emotional connection. We found that many of our passions are ignited from some pain, inequality, injustice or emptiness from our past or from our society. It was inspiring to see everyone moving forward to find healing, joy, empowerment, unity and love for others. From Darkness there is Light. Everyone was shining their light through their places of Darkness. Another piece of insight I learned was holding space for others and oneself. It taught me not to be so animated and agreeable when in a conversation with others. Wanting to please others and interject is my ego distracting me from what I really wanted from any interaction with others…To listen and to be listened to. I learned to sit with a quiet but receptive body. No need to be the “Yes” girl when I can just be the “I hear you” person. Holding space gets me out of my ego and my insecurities. Holding space allows me to soften into a moment and be receptive. I enjoyed going through the mentorship with colleagues that I graduated with from The Head to Heart Program. Working in a team gave us the community and support system to continue through with the mentorship. Daniella was very cognizant of our participation. She gave us feedback and opportunities to test our skills under her guidance. The last piece I would like to share with you as you move forward in your path as teacher/student is: Be ok with not knowing everything. When that happens, you learn more and allow more knowledge and experience come to you. Be ok with being excited and happy and letting it show. Be ok with making mistakes. Trust Daniella to mentor you. If she didn’t speak the truth, she wouldn’t be able to help you. Learn from everyone including yourself! Practice your yoga. Then go out there and play, explore and teach.

Juliet Ferriera

San Jose, CA.

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