“Create a new perspective in yourself around relationships. (All relations).
Tell a new story in your mind and do not fall back into old fears of past failures or “what ifs”.
But do this without going into delusion either.
Some relationships are not working for good reason.
Look at the reality of all relationships. 
New ones form and some will break apart. Let them.
If a relationship doesn’t work out the way you thought/hoped it’s likely because it was created out of old ways of being and thinking. (An old version of you).
When we don’t fight reality and let go of old ways of thinking and the relationships born out of those old mindsets, new great things and new great relationships can and will come in faster and life naturally becomes more fluid.
Raise your head high.
Look to the limitless sky.
Look to the light of the Sun which represents Consciousness itself.
You were born for great things.
Born to expand yourself and your higher mind. (Consciousness)
Let go and let the new light in.
The truth is, you never know how it’s all going to go.
But it will all go well if you honor all this…. and very likely not the way you thought…yet even better.
Go on the adventure. Life is worth living. Not hiding in fear.
You are light.
The purpose of light is to shine.
Go forth.”

~Daniella Ambika Cotreau