“When people judge or talk negatively about others, what they are doing is revealing their jealously and their own insecurities about themselves. They are revealing their shadow and who they are more than the other person they talk/gossip about.

They point the arrow straight at themselves.

While on the surface, these people may appear as obstacles, in truth they are not. They are opportunities to stand stronger in knowing who you are and not submitting because of their negative opinion. It is an opportunity to stay in your truth and to shine your light BRIGHTER. You do not need to be taken down by someone else’s darkness.

Their hatred or negativity does not determine if you are love-able or not. You determine that. And their wasting of their own energy to bring you down however outright or subtle is a desperate a distraction from their own insecurities and an inauthentic attempt to feel better about themselves. Their real work is needing to learn how to love themselves better.

Stand in your own power and your own strength. Do not be swayed by these people. They are only lost and by you standing strong in your own truth and light, you will teach them, even if from a distance what is possible in the realm of Love.”

Ambika Daniella Cotreau~