“I stumbled into one of Daniella’s Body Temple Yoga classes quite by accident in 2015 and life has never been quite the same! During the class I was impressed not only by her teaching style but the love and care that she showed for all of her students. As a result of this unique experience I continued taking classes with her and then discovered that she offered Yoga Teacher Training – something I had considered in the past but never found the right program. My decision to sign up the training in 2017 was based on many factors – the quality of the teaching offered, the difference Body Temple Yoga™ had already made to my life and the realization that Daniella was a “very special human being” who is totally authentic and embodies all that she teaches. Moreover, my own personal life had become increasingly stressful and I realized that I needed more tools in the toolkit in order to cope – what I did not realize at that time was that I was going to get several new toolkits. I had come to realize how out of touch with my emotions I was and welcomed the heart-opening & heart themed approach to teaching yoga along with the detailed alignment which afforded greater exploration with safety. Talking to other Body Temple Yoga™ graduates was also key – they promised life-changing transformation and I am glad that I listened because they were right. My experience has been exemplary – the course content is unlike any other in its depth and breadth – I have talked to other teachers about yoga teaching programs and their reaction when I tell them about this teaching has been “Oh, you picked really well….that is so much more than the teaching I had”. The yoga philosophy was of particular interest to me and the meditation practices have led me to a more peaceful grounded place. I was able to go deeper with my own yoga practice – using the alignment principles and find greater opening and space within my body – which translated to many aspects of my life. I was not fully committed to teaching yoga before I started the program – but now have a strong passion to share these teachings with others so they can benefit in the same way that I have. Daniella as a teacher is there with you every step of the way, she creates a safe container for learning, exploration and opening up whether this be the body, mind or the heart. She is passionate about her practice and will challenge you in the best possible way with a loving heart to achieve more than you had ever thought possible supporting you to succeed. She will give you 100% if not more. I am now committed to continuing with these teachings and have decided to take a mentoring program with Daniella – to learn and grow more myself and support others as a mentor on the 200 hour Head to Heart program. If you are even considering this program – don’t hesitate sign up – my only wish is that I had taken it sooner!”

Pam S.

Campbell, CA.

“When I began my training with Daniella, I had no idea what to expect. I certainly had no idea that what I was getting myself into was going to be a life-changing, drastically transformational journey. I took the training at a very transitional period in my life…I was finishing my last six months of graduate school, holding multiple jobs at once, and healing from many physical and emotional ailments that had built up over the years. I truly do not know how I would have gotten through this chaotic period of my life without the grounding energy that I received from our training. Every weekend that we met, I was showered with feelings of acceptance, empathy, love, and companionship from Daniella and the fellow students. I never felt alone or uneasy on those weekends, not even for one second. I learned everything about yoga (and more) that I could have expected to learn from the training. Now that it is over, I am still figuring out if I would like to teach yoga to the public. I initially took the training because I wanted to deepen my own practice and make sure I was in proper alignment so that I would not continue to hurt myself (as I had been in the past), and could begin to heal from my injuries. I easily received those aspects of the training; now I feel MUCH more confident in my ability to practice asana safely and teach it to others if I choose to do so. But the training did so much more for me than just teach me about yoga. Daniella’s training helped me to truly be comfortable being vulnerable, alone, and honest with myself about aspects of my life that I had been avoiding. I now know how to speak up for myself and ask for what I need in ways I never previously had, and I have a deep-rooted sense of ease and hope that everything is going to be okay, no matter what life chooses to throw at me. One of the weekends that we met, Daniella could tell that my energy had shifted in some way, and she asked me what was on my mind….I replied, “I feel like for the first time in my life, I finally am not chasing after anything. I feel at ease and at peace in this moment…finally.” I am now more present, confident, brave, and truly happier than I have ever been in my life. I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful experience that will continue to stick with me for the rest of my life.”

Sarah Lawley

San Jose, CA.

“I had been doing yoga for a few years when I found Daniella’s Body Temple Yoga™ method. I was really enjoying yoga, but also felt a lot of the classes I was attending (mostly Vinyasa) were missing something. Body Temple Yoga™ was different. I felt empowered in my yoga poses when I followed and made the alignment adjustments that are core to the Body Temple Yoga™ practice. When I use alignment to set the foundation of my poses I can do yoga pain free!! And that is the way yoga should be. Daniella also has the amazing gift of giving me the tools to open my heart and unlock the joy that was hidden beneath layers of old ‘stuff’. Although I started yoga to pursue a physical practice, what I eventually learned, through the Body Temple Yoga™ Teacher Training, was the physical practice is simply a tool to help unlock and let flow the energeticsof the body. It has been an amazing personal transformation. I have completely evolved my personal yoga practice. I approach asana as a tool and play with many different poses depending upon the energetic work I need to do with my ‘Self’. I feel empowered in my own personal practice and I feel very confident as a yoga teacher. I now have the tools to teach appropriate and meaningful yoga classes. I cannot say enough about Daniella and how grateful I am for all the tools she has given me as a student. If you are ready to transform your life I recommend highly making the commitment to Body Temple Yoga™ and Daniella’s programs. She works hard to bring you the very best. She is completely worth it!! Thank you much and Pranams.

Shauna G.

San Jose, Ca.

“I have the highest regard for Daniella, her method of Body Temple Yoga™ and her programs. Daniella is incredibly thorough and rigorous. I learned so much about myself, my personal practice, proper alignment, living from my heart and yoga philosophy. Her program changed my life. I would recommend it with great enthusiasm to anyone.”

Jocelyn L.

Bay Area, CA.

“I stumbled upon Daniella’s Body Temple Yoga™ class just as I was beginning to think about adding yoga to my skill set as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Her clear method of instruction, the strength of her expertise, and the passion with which she relayed her reflections about the practice and our inner worlds touched me right away. I knew that it was synchronistic that I found her when I did. I began teaching while I was going through the Head To Heart Program. I was immediately able to apply the principles that Daniella taught us AND infuse my classes with the elements of yoga philosophy, as well as the spiritual and emotional values I was learning. My students noticed the change in my teaching style and commented regularly that they love it more with every class they take! The greater shift I experienced and continue to experience is becoming more of who I truly am. At some point in our lives, we lose the parts of ourselves that are the most unique and valuable. I entered into the training with the intention of becoming more vulnerable, of finding and expressing my voice, and of loving more. I got all that and then some. If you’re looking for a comprehensive training, one that is has a basis in spiritual philosophy, biological science, and real time practice, where you are supported and hugged every step of the way, I highly recommend this school. I am forever grateful to Daniella and my cohort for supporting me as I went through one of the greatest transformations of my life :)”

Nadia S.

San Jose, CA. February 2016 graduate

“In 2013, I had been seeking a yoga training course for a couple of years. When I started taking Daniella’s classes regularly I knew that this was the right fit for me. It has been one of my life’s most enriching experiences! I feel as if this is the foundation to my life that I’ve been searching for. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about yoga philosophy, Ayruveda, pranayama, anatomy and much more. I have been gifted the tools, and now I intend to cultivate what I have been given. Daniella’s teaching style is clear, and precise, emphasizing alignment and form. All that, accompanied with her compassionate yogic wisdom and playful sense of humor. Daniella is truly an amazing role model for me. She embraces life, embodies gratitude, grace and love! I look forward to continuing my yoga path, having confidence that she will always be there for me. Many thanks to Daniella’s vast knowledge and unending loving support throughout my Head to Heart Program.”

Karen K.

San Jose, Ca. February 2014 graduate

“I had an amazing experience with Body Temple Yoga™ School! Daniella has so much knowledge of anatomy, alignment, yoga philosophy, concise and loving communication, living from heart, and so on. It is not just her knowledge that makes her training incredible, but also her dedication to supporting her students and working so closely with them to transform them into the best possible teachers they can be. Daniella creates a community that fosters deep knowledge, love, and compassion because she embodies all these qualities. Other than my family, I have never felt more loved and supported by a group of people. I cannot imagine a program that would make me feel more knowledgeable or confident in my abilities to teach than Daniella and her school. Whenever I think about this program, I will always feel gratitude.”

Sara H.

San Jose, CA.

“The first time I saw Daniella’s program advertised, I was immediately intrigued – the name Body Temple told me my relationship with my body would change through this training and that is exactly what I wanted. However, I knew I needed more than just a body experience and just intuitively felt that Body Temple was going to provide a Body, Mind, and Spiritual experience – a whole life shift. I went into the training already certified with my first 200 hrs required and teaching sporadically throughout the Bay Area. However, I came into Daniella’s class already a teacher but had some major gaps in my teacher’s tool belt and I just knew that Daniella’s knowledge and passion would help fill those gaps in. Two of the major area’s I needed to grow in were: 1) having confidence teaching off the mat and owning my voice as a teacher, 2) the knowledge of anatomy and alignment. I had been teaching for a few months and just did not feel good about where I was as a teacher – I knew I wanted to offer my students more. Daniella’s deep knowledge of alignment and anatomy plus her Heart-Wisdom Teachings and her deep spiritual presence created the perfect space for me to grow and stretch my teacher wings. In only half way through the program and I was already a 100%  better teacher. In just three months, I was able to teach a yoga class off the mat! I never thought I’d be confident enough to do this – my mind always told me it was too hard and that it’d take YEARS of teaching to get there. And teaching off the mat has given me, and my students, so much more than I could have imagined – because I’m not stuck on my mat modeling the poses, I can be present with my students and their needs, I feel more connected to my class, and most definitely feel more confident in my teacher voice and creating a container of transformation for my students. Daniella has created a training that is filled with loads of yoga and asana wisdom as well as being safe, fun, warm, loving – the perfect container of transformation for her me and because I trusted that she was the right teacher for me, I can create the same experience for my yoga students now. So deeply grateful for this heart-based training and this woman – who has shown me that what my Mind denied, my Heart knew was completely possible for me to grow into and and I can’t wait to learn more with her.”

Kat Da Silva

San Jose, CA.

“When I picked my YTT school, I was fixated on ensuring it was a place that facilitated safe space, helped me understand what yoga is + its roots, taught me to internalize why we do what we do in our yoga practice, and led by a strong heart-based leader. Daniella’s Head to Heart Program went beyond my expectations and I’m immensely grateful that it turned out to be the experience that not only gave me what I was looking for but helped me build a strong anchor for myself. I was at a point in my life where I had so many aspirations brewing in mind yet was surrounded by a lot of chaos and hitting one rock bottom after another. It’s natural. We all got baggage and this YTT really taught me to reclaim myself again and again. When my personal triggers or issues weren’t done with me, this program helped me work through it and allowed me to be very comfortable in taking more introspective plunges as I deepened my yoga practice. It helped me get better at parking my ego at the door, trusting my gut, and really listening to what I felt. Not being intimidated by the self-destructive chatter that can overtake me sometimes. I owe all this to Daniella for teaching and giving me so much through this program. She’s a wonderful instructor who really keeps your best interests at heart and has so much to give when it comes to life lessons. She always held safe space for me and continues to do so today as I join her mentorship program. The foundation of our group was so heartfelt and safe that I felt comfortable going at my pace. No matter what my life threw at me, this practice really helped me own it and own myself each time. ”

Kim G.

San Jose, CA.

“I felt a calling to Daniella’s training last March in 2016. I am so glad I listened to my heart and went through with the training because I am the best version of myself I have ever been. Daniella’s authentic guidance helps you find your own path in this world by directing you back to yourself and your heart. The quality of her training gave me a well rounded base to feel confident enough to start teaching right after I completed. Plus, the people who are called to her training are gems in this world! My classmates and I have a bond that I have never experienced before. I feel the most grounded I have ever felt and wouldn’t have gotten to this point without Daniella. I urge anyone reading this who is even slightly interested to book a Clarity Call with her for her programs. You won’t regret it! <3”

Gina N.

Silicon Valley, CA.

“I felt a calling to Daniella Ambika’s training last March in 2016. I am so glad I listened to my heart and went through with the training because I am the best version of myself I have ever been. Daniella Ambika’s authentic guidance helps you find your own path in this world by directing you back to yourself and your heart. The quality of her training gave me a well rounded base to feel confident enough to start teaching right after my 200 hours were completed. We went over anatomy, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, Bhakti yoga, alignment-based asana, pranayama, and so much more. Plus, the people who are called to her training are gems in this world! My classmates and I have a bond that I have never experienced before. I feel the most grounded I have ever felt and wouldn’t have gotten to this point without Daniella Ambika. I urge anyone reading this who is even slightly interested to come take her class or go to an info session for her trainings. You won’t regret it! <3”

Gina N.

Silicon Valley, CA. December 2016 graduate

“Daniella Cotreau is by far one of the most amazing yoga instructors, as well as human beings, that I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my life. As a newer practitioner to yoga only having had a very consistent practice for the last year, both Daniella’s Body Temple Yoga™ classes as well as her Head to Heart Program have completely transformed my practice and my idea about what yoga really is. Her detailed alignment instruction has enabled me to feel into my body in a deeper way than I ever thought possible, and has also changed the relationship that I have with certain asana postures significantly. Daniella is a prime example of a teacher who truly lives their practice both on and off the mat, which is what drew me to her from the beginning. Her use of alignment, heart-centered teachings and intuitive insight empowers people to cultivate a relationship with the highest aspects of themselves, teaches them how to tune in to their gut instincts and intuition, and truly live from their heart. Daniella’s program completely transformed my life, and I am forever in gratitude for everything she has taught me so far. Whether you are new to yoga or or leadership or you have been practicing for a decade or more, I cannot recommend Daniella highly enough. She is amazing!”

Kayla M.

San Jose, Ca.



The San Diego VIP retreat for me, was amazing. Personally it was a metaphor for how life should be. I am so happy to be in this tribe of like minded people which is the Body Temple Yoga™ Community and Daniella Cotreau. I felt so free to explore my own personal physical and spiritual boundaries. The Becoming A Heart Based Leader VIP Retreat challenged me to grow past my current perceptions and ideologies in a supported and nurturing heart centered community. The food was healthy and delicious. There was plenty of sharing, laughing and crying and compassion and fun. The spirit of cooperation and joy which began with Daniella’s leadership and teachings, was palpable at this retreat and was mirrored in each student. I personally felt truly accepted for who I am as I’m on a path of restructuring my life again and have many fears. The most important takeaway for me was the trust I gained in myself and with the other students and the relationship and friendships that I have made at this retreat. The teachings of aligning yourself to your true path in life are invaluable.

Lucille Conti

The 300 hour teacher training retreat in San Diego was a beautiful long weekend spent with women in community – something I realized I had never experienced before. The amount of compassion, heart felt emotions, conscious awareness of each other and space being held was astounding. “It only hurts because I haven’t been inhabiting it” – this was the wisdom Daniella shared that I took and carried with me for the four days as I understood what it truly meant to grow in my practice and leadership of self (and therefore, inherently, of others). We flew and supported each other in acroyoga, where I battled my fear of heights and balancing and found a not-so-hidden strength in flying and supporting others. We meditated in Swami’s meditation garden, where I felt my cup overflowing in gratitude and understood how deep and nourishing self-care practices can be. We enjoyed sunset after magical sunset (including one with a double rainbow!!), and I learned how to use my own yogic breathing techniques to battle my fear of the ocean and it’s massive waters. I cried and cried, out of happiness, out of empathy, out of feeling such a full set of emotions, that I feel rejuvenated and anew. And now I’m ready to take these nuggets of wisdom back with me, keeping the momentum that sparked here into my own life!

Rashmi Sanbhadti

I am so thankful to have attended Becoming A Heart Based Leader and especially included was the VIP Retreat. I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed to carve out time in my schedule to do something valuable for me. The closer we got to the date of the retreat, the more I wanted to back out.  It was overwhelming to even think of taking time away. I am so happy I made the commitment to go AND followed through. While I have been vastly improving my own self-care routines and practices, I didn’t realize how much I had been actually neglecting my own right of nourishment. And the biggest transformation I had was one I didn’t even think I needed. As a single parent who has had to hold everything together on my own for nearly 18 years, I forgot that I am allowed to stop and breathe, and to be loved. I was reminded that I don’t need to do ALL the work by myself-that I can not only ask for help, but say YES when it is being offered.  Daniella’s VIP retreat provided a container to be amongst incredible women as I witnessed myself reaching into the next phases of my growth and expansion.  If you’re like me and struggle with self-care, or you’re a single parent who believes you can’t break away, I encourage you to take the leap.  Go and say yes to something you think is impossible. It will change you. I am so thankful for the experience and will never forget it.

Lisa Garrido

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