Ambassador Program


Next Program STARTS SEPTEMBER 2021
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The Ambassador Program

Become an Ambassador of the School’s
Global Heart-Based Mission,

Carry the torch for True Heart Based Leadership.

Who you are is inside of your heart.

There is conditioning that has taught distortions on what your heart is really for.

Go on the journey and unravel ALL false imprints, embody your true heart AND live your legacy.

This program is a year long mastermind, high-level personal transformation intensive with 1-1 Heart Wisdom Mentorship.
It is curated and lead solely by Daniella Cotreau.

With your successful admission and participation in the Ambassador Leader Program, you will transform and upgrade your entire life from the inside out.

You will offer your unique talents, skills and service from heart-based leadership.

More details coming soon…

Program Includes

Leadership Accountability 
Practices To Uplevel Your Leadership & Stay on Track
Masculine & Feminine Principles To Master Your Message
Heart Based Business Training
Social Media: Leverage Your Authenticity & Remove Common Mistakes
Advance Your Self-Care 
Quantum Physics & Quantum Law
How Your Beliefs Make or Break Your Reality
Mindset Mastery
Heart Based Boundaries In Business
2 Private VIP Trainings in San Diego
Advanced Embodiment In Leadership
Becoming A Role Model For Your Legacy


REQUIREMENTS for The Ambassador Program

1. Successful graduation from The Head to Heart Personal Transformation Program.

2. Successful graduation from Becoming A Heart Based Leader Program.

Your transformation in The Ambassador Program 

  1. Handle stressful situations in life with ease, grace and clarity without a collapse in fear, stress or distress.
  2. Generate high self-worth and high income from the heart AND sustainably.
  3. Increase facilitation and heart-based leadership skills in the classroom, boardroom and in life.
  4. Increase heart-first communication skills in any challenging situation.
  5. Unwavering confidence and trust in yourself in ANY situation.
  6. Handle objections, rejection and projection from students and others in life without collapse.
  7. Huge personal breakthroughs on where you are still stuck.
  8. Collapse your conditioning that operates on a false template so you can live your full legacy.

Registration for the Fall 2021 Program will open January 2021.
Get on the waitlist early.
Limited enrollment.

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