VIP Training Retreats in San Diego

are included in:

Becoming a Heart-Based Leader Program
The Ambassador Program.

~ VIP Trainings are deep, close contact teachings with Daniella Cotreau in a rejuvenative retreat setting.

~ Participants are responsible for airfare and accommodation.
Book early for best rates and preferences.


Long Weekend Private VIP Training Retreats
in beautiful San Diego

Some of the biggest yoga movements started in the laid back coastal town of Encinitas, the yoga capital of the world.

In 1975, Pattabhi Jois anointed Encinitas as the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga in America. Paramahansa Yogananda completed his book, Autobiography of a Yogi, influencing Steve Jobs as a teen.

Yogananda’s teachings gave birth to Self Realization Fellowship, his brother Bishnu founder of Bikram Beginner series initiated millions to the benefits of yoga.

Ravi Shankar Indian sitar master, father to Anouschka and Norah Jones, moved to Encinitas in 1992 finding this seaside community ideal to make transcendent music.

Nearby is international Deepak Chopra’s Center for WellBeing offering workshops on meditation and holistic health.

Swami’s surf beach looks up to it’s well known Meditation Gardens, a beautiful sanctuary to pause, breath and feel.
There’s a very special energy here, closeness to nature, the ocean and history.
It expresses itself in so many ways.

All these elements combine to create an unforgettable and transformative experience for those actively on the personal transformational and heart-based leadership path.

“I had the pleasure of attending Daniella’s retreat in San Diego/Encinitas as part of her Becoming A Heart Based Leader Advanced Program. The experience was even better than I expected it to be. We had the opportunity to study directly with Daniella and other expert instructors.

One of my favorite sessions was doing Acro Yoga. I’ve taken quite a few classes in the past, but the level of detail that our guest instructor gave us made the moves easy to navigate. She also helped us create a safe environment to try more challenging options. I also enjoyed when Daniella gave us time for reflection.

I’m a fitness instructor by trade, but I’ve been taking on other types of work at a low level of pay in order to make ends meet and working a ton of hours to do it. My big epiphany during the weekend was that I DO have the resources, the skills, and the support I need to find opportunities where I get paid what I’m worth. I decided then and there to resign from a position that paid me less than 1/2 of my teaching fee. I know now that I’m worth much more than that. I’ve been craving more space and time to build a stronger spiritual practice and work on my business. Spending a weekend by the ocean with a group of growth oriented women helped me see that and experience that clearly. After letting go of this baggage, I can happily say that I have it now 🙂

Becoming A Heart Based Leader Program as whole has been a HUGE learning experience for me. The training that I got in The Head to Heart Personal Transformational Program allowed me to plan a class, cue for safety and alignment, etc.

But this past year has showed me that there is a vast world of techniques and styles I hadn’t been exposed to.  We had a wide array of instructors that blew our minds each and every module.

It has helped me hone in on areas of specialty and create a more dynamic/energizing experience for those I serve. The feedback from my I receive now shows that they’ve noticed the shift in the way I teach and lead. So much that they are asking for more!

I 100% recommend taking any Body Temple Yoga® School program you can.”

Nadia Santiago

San Jose, CA.

“This VIP training retreat to me, was not only extremely educational, it was also immensely nourishing. Of several retreats that I’ve been to, this was by far the most fulfilling as an experience. Everything was so well organized and well thought out to ensure the students had a rich experience. From the choice of a beautiful intimate venue, organic lunches, walks in Swami’s meditation gardens, sun salutations to the sun on the beach, intention setting, special water ceremony, sunsets, along with plenty of time spared to explore the beautiful Encinitas – all of this conveyed the amount of care that had gone into planning this retreat for the students of Becoming A Heart Based Leader Advanced Program.

And all of this was in addition to covering the main curriculum that included – Body Temple Yoga® embodiment practices, learning heart-based leadership, workshopping our workshops :), acro yoga, a marketing module and more !!

The technical information we received aimed to take our teaching and confidence as a teacher to the next level. And a lot of the heart based leadership was learned experientially through the practice making the teachings even more potent. Something that I’ve found is unique to Body Temple Yoga® teachings.

A big takeaway for me was when we practiced Acro Yoga, I noticed how it was easy for me to go to a new edge / place with inversions because of the trust I could place in the other. This was a key piece of learning since it helped me realize – what I may not have the strength to overcome alone, I could do with support from someone. This helped me feel less stuck / limited in areas where fear of doing it alone seems paralyzing.

There were also tons of other useful tools and insights shared by Daniella, the guest teaches and fellow students.

Overall, Daniella setup a beautiful container and her strong intention and presence allowed for like-hearted students to come together, support one another, feel nurtured and experience growth at a deep deep level!”

Divya Navaneeth

Los Gatos, CA.

“I had an amazing experience at this VIP retreat from beginning to end. Daniella and her team put on a wonderful retreat experience that allowed me the much needed opportunity to rest, reflect, refuel and rejoice with other women who share the mission of leading and living from the heart.

The biggest take-away that Daniella has provided me thru this retreat is the understanding that the work of healing yourself doesn’t truly begin until you commit to knowing, accepting, and SHARING WHO YOU TRULY ARE WITH OTHERS.

My second biggest take away is: DO NOT BE A LONE WOLF! I am so grateful for the women, my soul tribe, who held space for me throughout the entire retreat as I experienced breakdowns, breakthrus and epiphanies. The retreat also offered me the gift of holding space for others as they experience themselves on this retreat journey.

I also want to add that this retreat was FUN!

It was an absolute blast being with these women at this high level retreat and learning from Daniella and her team.

I highly recommend this program and retreat to anyone, and am looking forward to participating in her programs in the future.

Thank you Daniella for your guidance-it has been so life transforming.”

Christine Maldonado

San Jose, CA.

“The VIP Training Retreat was an amazing experience. Being completely submersed in the energy of the group and the energy Daniella creates is truly transformative.

I feel like a different person. I feel more grounded, more confident in myself, less anxious, and ready to handle whatever life throws at me next with even more grace than before.

I have been on a transformative journey for a while, one piece of which has been my studies with Daniella. This retreat brought it all home and showed me how far I have truly come. I have renewed confidence in my ability to keep on this heart based path, and renewed commitment to myself.

The Becoming a Heart Based Leader Advanced Program has been a wonderful learning experience.

Not only did we get to dive deeper into heart wisdom and leadership with Daniella, but we got to learn from very carefuly selected inspiring guest teachers.

Daniella will ask a lot of you. But she is always there to support you and help you reach beyond what you think is possible. No, it’s not easy. But it’s 100% worth it!

Thank you Daniella, from the bottom of my heart.”

Susanna Wise

Bend, Oregon

“The 2019 San Diego VIP retreat was more than I could have ever imagined. Starting the retreat with a leadership goal and challenge, that was thread throughout the entire four days, helped to create constant food for thought for all the participants.

This is not your “meditate and do asana” retreat.

The retreat kept us moving and thinking and digging deep into our hearts – searching for answers and reaching for more from ourselves!

If you are looking to transform your life – this retreat will allow you the space to do that.

The heart wisdom teachings, practices, and the business coaching was all top notch and presented in such a way that a beginning or experienced yoga teacher/ student will be impacted to propel their yoga practice and teaching to another level.

I feel that my business will take a turn for the better after the coaching I received from this trip. There is something to be said about having this concentrated time together that helps it to sink into the heart and flow through you.

There were also so many opportunities that helped me face my fears and taught me to let go of them. The acro yoga was one and it was such a blast. It provided yet another way for me to challenge myself and feel the joy of success and acomplishment when I faced my fears and trusted my heart – all in one afternoon!
That alone was so huge! It was truley a breackthorough for me.

Thank you Daniella for your never ending love – it shines through so brightly, and for creating such a safe space for us to learn, grow and share. A major bonus is the comraderie that is created amongst the participants will last us forever.

Thanks to this retreat have learned to breath, pause and listen to my heart more and more each day.”

Erica Fairfield

Los Gatos, CA.

“The San Diego VIP Training Retreat was located in beautiful Encinitas, home to: mindblowing sunsets, dolphin filled oceans and the best energy. 

The retreat was a lot of heart based learnings.
Daniella was an excellent host and each day we had amazing lunches included and time to go explore the town. I went into the retreat a bit nervous about working on my offerings.  I am so glad that this was part of the retreat because I got so much out of working together on our offerings and gained SO MUCH clarity from them.

Not only was I able to finally put together the final pieces but I was able to get valuable feedback from Daniella that I was just not finding anywhere else. Daniella helped me focus down my offering so it was unique and compelling.

I feel confident that I now have and offering I feel so excited, inspired and confident in bringing into the world and the structure needed to do it. Best high value retreat ever!”

Cassandra Muscara

Oakland, CA.

“The San Diego VIP Training Retreat was transformational for me because of the wisdom I received from Daniella & the feedback/support from my fellow allies in the program was everything I needed to move forward.

I found my voice again & I will use it to facilitate healing spaces to share these teachings.

Before the retreat, I was feeling out of my body, heart & mind. I felt unseen. I was beating myself up for not “having it all together”. I was feeling weak and uninspired. I was judging myself. Now, I know it’s more than OK to not have it all together. I learned that I am strong and resilient and will continue to walk this heart-based leadership path and share with it will all and with confidence.

I am embodying Love. Thank you!!!

I HIGHLY recommend attending any workshop or class / training Daniella offers because she has a way of teaching that will fully open you, your heart & mind.”

Chelsea Conley

Nevada City, California

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